Solar Energy and the Changing Environment

February 23, 2009 at 1:37 pm Leave a comment

A recent study indicated that the cycle of global warming is “locked in” and will not stop for approximately one thousand years. This is going to cause some catastrophic issues, including the loss of habitat for many creatures, flooding and of course the disease that breeds in such conditions, and many other problems.

So many people wonder what on earth they can do to help reduce the affects of the human population on the planet, and the answer is to look for alternative energies and resources. Currently the most promising alternative energy is solar power. It has existed since the late 1880s and has been perfected since the first true solar panels were created by Bell Laboratories in the early 1950s.

Today’s researchers, engineers and scientists are moving even farther through experimentation with new methods of gathering energy from the sun, and helping mankind to reduce their vast use of fossil fuels which have set us on such a destructive path.

Okay, says the average homeowner, what does all of that mean for me? Well, any homeowner can look around and see a few places where they could replace or reduce their electrical usage with solar power. Let’s begin at the front doorstep – are there lights in the yard? How about solar deck lights along the deck? Is there a motion sensor light somewhere on the property? What about the back door, is that lit by an electrically operated light as well? Each and every one of these fixtures could be quickly, easily and affordably replaced with solar powered units. Not only will they save energy, they will save the consumer money on electrical bills and the annoying need to constantly replace light bulbs thanks to the use of LED lights in almost every solar lighting fixture available.

Where else? Let’s look at your cell phone. Do you leave it plugged into a wall charger all night? Do you have other gadgets and gizmos that require a regular recharging in order to operate? Well, you could invest in a small, portable and weather resistant folding solar charger. These items can easily power today’s most popular portable electronics like cameras, MP3 players and cell phones. Just imagine the immediate effects of every cell phone owner opting for a solar charger instead of their wall chargers!

Clearly, the solar power industry is just going to continue to expand and this is quite a relief to those who worry about the kind of impact our generation is going to make on the coming ages.


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