Solar Security Lights – How Business Owners can Save Money and Provide Security

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Modern business owners have a lot of security issues to address. They must ensure that their company’s computers are as secure as possible, they must create a daytime security system that protects their employees and any merchandise and they must keep up security after business hours have ended and all through the night.

Night time security measures often include burglar alarms, security cameras and strategically placed lighting. All of this adds up to costly electricity bills and the potential for some major problems if the electricity should fail. Are there any solutions for business owners looking to enhance or upgrade their night time security? Yes, and it’s solar lighting.

Solar technology has advanced to an amazing degree, and there are an incredible number of attractive, durable and effective solar lighting units available. Today’s business owners can make their property more appealing through the installation of the lights, but they can also add an enormous amount of security from them as well.

How is that? Most thieves and burglars prefer to remain hidden or under cover. During the evening hours this is quite simple, unless an area is flooded in light. Today’s solar landscape lights can provide a remarkable range of preventative lighting options. For instance, there are high powered spot lights that can be adjusted to flood any shrub, corner or doorway with a brilliant beam of light. There are also many path and sidewalk lights with built in spotlights as well. These can be set along a sidewalk with the spotlight pointed at a doorway or area of possible cover.

Additionally, there are many high powered motion sensor lights that can be mounted along roof lines or entry areas and these too will chase away would-be thieves from loading areas, cargo docks and rear entries that are often unseen by law enforcement or passersby on the street.

The benefits of using solar lighting options for a business include the low cost for installation as they require no professional electrical services, most are outfitted with long-lasting and extra bright LED bulbs that require little maintenance or replacement, and the fact that they can be placed almost anywhere and receive their power supply from their collectors which can be mounted at great distances from the actual lighting fixtures.

Clearly, it really pays to investigate options in solar lights for the exterior of a business. They can greatly enhance any existing security measures and also serve as a strong defense against would-be thieves who approach the business under cover of darkness even when the power is out.


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