Simple and Elegant Solar Spot Lights

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Ask any home or property owner if they think they need a spot light somewhere on their property and they are likely to respond “no” right away. This is usually inaccurate as most homes have a need for security, they may have a flag pole that requires illumination, or they might have a special or “specimen” tree or shrub that would benefit from the installation of a solar spot light fixture.

Of course many home and property owners shy away from installing exterior lighting strictly because they are not prepared to absorb the traditionally high costs of such items. This is not really an issue however when solar lighting fixtures are selected.

Solar powered light fixtures and appliances are becoming more and more popular, and even more heavily in demand. This is for many reasons, but in today’s economic climate it is generally because they can be installed and operated for the cost of the equipment and nothing more…no monthly electrical expenses, no service calls from an electrician, and no constant need to change burnt out bulbs.

One of the most frequently selected options in exterior solar lighting is solar powered spot lights. Such fixtures are usually installed with only minimal tools and very little effort. While some require a solar charger to be located in a sunny area and use a single wire to power the light fixture in any location, there are also fixtures that have their collectors built in and have no unattractive wires or concerns during lawn or garden maintenance.

Home and property owners rely on solar spot lights for many purposes, and there are several styles or configurations available. There are some fixtures designed exclusively for installation on flag poles. These are generally available in a larger, commercial style for the traditional three-inch diameter flag poles found in front of public or governmental buildings, and they are also available for smaller one-inch diameter poles used by a majority of home owners.

There are also single solar spot lights intended to be used by homeowners for security and landscaping purposes, and these are durable and weather resistant units that can be placed wherever desired and require little additional attention. This is because most solar lights operate on LED bulbs that have a much stronger efficiency rating than standard fluorescents and require replacement only after many years of operation. Most solar powered lights can provide from eight to twelve hours of light after the sun has set, making them the ideal solution for a home’s walkways and porches as well.


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