New domestic applications of solar lighting technology

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As you approach the garden gate you can hear the gentle splashing of a small solar fountain. You step through the cool shade of the overhanging vines into the brightly lit and wildly colorful world of the garden. There you see several small fountains, one on a tall pedestal where the birds dip in and out of the spraying droplets and another is tucked into a bed of succulent plants where a dragonfly sits and takes as “sun bath”.

You notice that the gravel path is lined with pretty little copper lanterns that seem to mix perfectly with the grasses and plants that also reside at the edges of the many walkways. Further on you notice a lovely flowering tree of some sort, and note its overhanging branches that sway in the breeze.

At the back of the flower garden you realize that there are rows of herbs and vegetables peeking up from behind a short fence which is also lined with those delightful copper lanterns. At the back of the vegetable bed is a small and brightly painted wooden shed where it is clear the gardener spends a great deal of their time. All of this beauty can be easily accented by outdoor solar lights.

So, this lovely daylight scene is clearly a beloved garden full of growing things and contented wild creatures. What happens to such a scene after the sun sets? Clearly the gardener has installed many lights along the paths and walkways, but they might also have installed a much wider range of lighting fixtures, particularly if they used solar powered lighting. Additionally, those tinkling fountains might also be powered by the sun as well!

Modern gardeners have the benefit of the rapid developments taking place in the field of solar energy, and one of the most immediate is the wide availability of solar powered lighting and even pumps. The garden discussed above could be gently lit during the evening hours by the pathway lighting fixtures, it could easily have a solar powered shed light installed at the back of the vegetable garden, and the two fountains and beautiful flowering tree could all benefit from solar powered flood lights.

Fixtures such as these could be installed with almost no tools and by someone with absolutely no knowledge of electricity or wiring. Solar fixtures will have their chargers either built in or connected through durable wires, they can be quickly and simply relocated, and rarely require bulb replacement. They will cost absolutely nothing to operate and add a whole new dimension to even the most beautiful garden. For a feeling of security and safety, a solar motion light can be installed on any exterior wall or surface of nearby structures.


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