Saving Money in the Garden with Solar Solutions

January 20, 2009 at 10:46 am Leave a comment

Gardening is a relaxing, productive and fascinating hobby. People can grow their own food, create a wonderful natural habitat for birds and animals or simply improve the appearance of their home by installing and maintaining their gardens. Unfortunately, gardening is not a completely cost-free past time and many people feel that they are unable to commit any financial resources to such a hobby, especially in the current economic conditions.

This is too bad because there are many ways of enjoying a garden without spending a lot of money. For example, exterior lighting in the garden can be purchased, installed and operated for very little expense if the home or property owner investigates the amazing number of solar fixtures and systems available. A yard can be quickly and easily outfitted with a large number of lights that illuminate pathways, water features, specimen trees and shrubs or even spotlight flag poles for no more than the cost of the equipment.

How is that possible? Because solar lighting fixtures require no special skills or tools, unlike their “hard wired” cousins that may even need the services of a professional electrician, they automatically save a consumer a lot of money. Installation is not the only area where solar lights save a home or property owner money however, since they are controlled entirely by solar energy their ongoing use and operation cost the consumer absolutely nothing. Additionally, most solar lighting fixtures are outfitted with LED bulbs rather than traditional fluorescent bulbs that require frequent replacement. This could mean that a consumer could install their solar lights throughout their yard or garden and never need to do another thing for almost twenty years. This is because the LED bulbs have an expected life span of ten to twenty years, and the solar lights require nothing else!

Of course a gardener could also enjoy such things as fountains and small fish ponds that are entirely operated by solar energy as well. In fact an ever increasing number of garden suppliers are making solar powered pumps and fountains available. This would allow a seasonal water feature to be operated for no more than the cost of the equipment. A gardener could create an entire evening garden with solar fountains, solar lighting, and illuminated pathways that all operate from the power of the sun. While the initial expense would have to be addressed, the ongoing operation would more than likely pay for the equipment in a single season. What better way to demonstrate a love of the garden than through the installation of fixtures and equipment that require nothing but the sun.


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